seto original products

The creature bags“Eaters”. They are designed by “seto”design studio. Their functions are likend to the actions of real living things in nature, such as eating, hangging, moving... They will follow you wherever you go, and will be the best partner of your family.

The magnets in his feet are what help him climb.  Whether on the fridge, chalkboard or on another Yamori,this Geko will cling and hang. 

The Furoshiki wrap which is made from urethane, evolved from the traditional Japanese wrapping cloth of the same name. The traditional furoshiki is a sheet of cloth used to wrap and transport all types of goods. Seto’s "Furoshiki" is a carry bag for notebook computers, and it is possible to wrap various size products.

Wrapping is not only human behavior, but also root of the living thing's movement in itself. So we can see a lot of living things which are doing "wrapping" in nature. Starfish wrap and capture foods which are many kinds of forms and sizes. Seto’s "Furoshiki" also wrap and capture a computer with the thick tentacle. 
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